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Takehara is sometimes called " Small Kyoto in Aki".
Takehara which is known for its outstanding education produced
many merchant scholars.
This area prospered as a human settlement as early as 2000 years ago.
Most rows of houses from the late Edo period still remain,
and many city function buildings of those days are seen.
Buildings and temples from the Edo period are united to make great sightseeing.
You can feel Takehara's history through such buildings
There is also beautiful nature in this town.
Takehara is a beautiful city which has preserved traditional culture
and grand nature up to the present day.

Introduction to Takehara city

Population  30,655(11,866 families)as of Oct.1.2005
Service  city hall, fire department, police, hospital center
Cultural Assets  See cultural attraction page.
Festivals Takehara sakura Tadanoumi
Nika renge Takehara takematsuri
Takehara tanabata Tadanoumi gionmatsuri Sumiyoshi Takehara
fire works
Fukuda shishimai Ebisu
Transportation  JR West Japan, Geiyou Bus, Taxi companies, Ferry

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